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Global Partners

Global trends can influence the future of the veterinary profession and how veterinary researchers serve society and how veterinary professionals define their role in a rapidly changing world.

A part of Ross University School of Medicine’s mission is to develop opportunities for academic exchange and scholarly collaboration across the globe—bringing an even more diverse learning perspective to our academic program. We work closely with educational and research institutes throughout the world, ranging from student internships and clinical affiliations to pathway programs, as well as teaching partnerships and collaborative research projects. These connections help strengthen teaching, learning and research at both Ross Vet and collaborating institutions. Together we offer an exciting portfolio of programs and research opportunities to enhance the development of our students who are equipped to become veterinarians and veterinary researchers in a global society.

Ross Vet has developed important connections with partners in five contents and strive to create a global community for our students and colleagues.

We are always interested in furthering our cooperation and development overseas and providing new and exciting opportunities for our students and staff and we welcome informal, exploratory discussions.

Events & Deadlines

June 22 Meet Ross Vet In Toronto