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 Ross Vet Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations - Dr Charles Wallace, DVM MS Dip ACVSTo our new graduates: Welcome to the Rossie family! To our more established alumni: Thank you for all that you contribute to the Rossie family! Our alumni community truly is a family, a tight knit network of veterinary professionals, many remaining friends and colleagues upon graduation. Our alumni are found in many areas of the veterinary profession, from private practice, zoo medicine, academia and public health to veterinary specialties and more… Our alumni are Ross’ most active ambassadors, through their professional reputation, by promoting the school amongst prospective students and by contributing to the veterinary profession at large. Many of you are based in the U.S. and Canada but also further afield, spreading Ross’ reach even further.

I have taught many of you in my near 25 years at Ross – the equivalent of around 100 classes, and I am continually amazed by what the Rossie family has achieved together. We want to keep the reputation of the Ross graduate at a very high level. Our graduates are recognized all across America as very competent. Many employers tell us of the high quality veterinarians Ross produces and how we are delivering an education program which prepares graduates for practice. We want to maintain that reputation not only because it reflects upon the Rossie family but also our DVM program as a whole. We know that this can only be achieved with your continued support and input. We have many ways in which you can be actively involved and if you are interested in becoming a Ross Alumni Ambassador, please get in touch. I am on Facebook, and I actively try to stay in contact with alumni all over the country. I find that one of my roles in life has been to connect people—they may live down the street from one another, and not know each other, but I know them both and so I can connect them. I hope to continue to do this with alumni.

As with our students, we want to make sure that we support our Ross grads, whether by promoting job openings you may wish to apply for, helping you find associates for your practice, offer a CE veterinary conference in St. Kitts - an opportunity to learn and come back to the island - or reconnect you with the Rossie family.

If you have lost touch with Ross and your classmates, come back to us. We would be delighted to hear of your success, career path and life journey since that memorable day you were awarded your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at graduation and became a DVM Rossie!

Dr Charles Wallace, DVM MS Dip ACVS
Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations
Professor of Large Animal Medicine


Our mission is to foster a robust community of active alumni through encouraging lifelong relationships with each other and with RUSVM. Incorporating alumni in the life of the school, eliciting a sense of institutional pride and enhancing the perceived value of a Ross Vet degree. We aspire to be the primary provider of the life long experience by connecting alumni, students, faculty, and staff in valuable and meaningful ways. 

Once you become a vet, everyone knows you as a vet—people will instantly open up to you as someone who may be able to give some guidance. I’m impressed by how powerful it is as a title. It’s such a powerful statement to say, ‘I’m a veterinarian.’

– Krista Keller, DVM, Dipl, ACZM (’10)

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