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PhD by Research

The Doctoral degree is based on supervised research over a period of three years full-time. Progress monitoring is conducted throughout the study period and the student will be asked to demonstrate satisfactory progress at set milestones.

Research supervisors will submit a yearly progress report to the Postgraduate and Research Committee on the work of the candidate. Information to be provided in the progress report will include advancement of the research, development of discipline specific research skills and progress in expected outcomes (eg manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals).

The candidate must have demonstrated the capacity to pursue original research in the field of study and to present the results in a critical and scholarly way. The doctoral dissertation must be an original work making a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the field of study, such that it is worthy of presentation in peer reviewed publications.

The award of a PhD is determined on the basis of a submitted dissertation, not exceeding 100,000 words, and an externally-assessed oral examination.